"Master C":
Master Cary Callahan has taught for over thirty years with a unique ability to make learning the arts an enjoyable and rewarding experience. He started his formal martial arts training in 1985, studying Shotokan Karate and Pai-Lum Kung Fu from Master Jim Goode and Master Acie Toler, Chi-Lin Kung Fu from Master Mike Snyder and Tae Kwon Do from Grand Master Jhoon Rhee.  He maintains associations with the Chi-Ling Pai Gung Fu Association, The Martial Arts Collective Society and the United Shotokan Association and teaches at workshops in California & Georgia. 
Applications are emphasized and traditions are respected to develop well-rounded martial artists. 
He strives to make discipline fun in a family friendly environment where everyone is valued and respected.  His accomplishments include:
- 6th Degree Shotokan Karate - (Renshi)
- Master Level Chi-Lin Kung Fu
- 2nd Degree Tae Kwon Do
- 1st Degree Pai-Lum Kung Fu
He has achieved numerous awards through the years in sparring and forms, including: 
1st Place Fighting, 3rd in Forms, Wong People Kung Fu Tournament 2009
1st Place Fighting and Forms Masters Cup 2009
3rd Place Fighting USA Sport Jujitsu Nationals 1994

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Andrea Fukui
2nd Degree

Experience the Art, Exercise & Self Defense of the Martial Arts

​Sensei Danny Wilson
Mr. Wilson is a gifted instructor of many years with a traditional background in Shotokan Karate & Tae Kwon Do that we are fortunate to have as a member of our team since our opening. 

Tammy Barthelson Callahan
Tammy is the Co-Owner of Twin Dragon, managing business operations and teaches. 
She is a 2nd degree Black Sash in Kung Fu and placed 2nd in Women's Advanced Forms and Sparring at the 2012 Wong People Tournament after placing 3rd in 2011.
Scot Mertz, Kyoshi
Okinawan Goju Karate
See Goju link above

Danielle Crane
2nd Degree