Kung Fu improves mind, body & spirit through fitness and self defense.  It is an art with enough depth and breadth to study life long with continual interest. Beginners will not be intimidated, and yet it is an excellent next step for practitioners of other art forms such as Tae Kwon Do or Karate as the forms and applications are more complex. 

Chi Lin Kung Fu is based on the ancient combat arts of China and brought together by Master Dennis Decker. It uses linear and circular motions and internal and external methods of power generation through a series of punches, kicks, blocks and stand-up grappling techniques. The forms imitate characteristics of animals such as the snake, dragon, tiger, leopard, monkey, crane and eagle.  
Our program has nine sash levels plus weapons and applications with the forms. 

FlowMotion Chi Lin is a slow, flowing version of the Kung Fu that meets Tuesday & Thursday at 1 PM, and is tailored to older adults.  Balance, flexibility and movement are highlighted for health benefits.

Master Callahan also teaches at bi -yearly reunion workshops of the national Chi-Lin "family" that usually meet in Georgia for the Spring workshop and alternately hosted by Twin Dragon or in West Virginia for the October workshop.  He also teaches at The Gathering of the Martial Arts Collective Society in Sacramento, CA.   Join the fun!
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Kung Fu Animal Styles
Grand Master Dennis Decker
Master Cary Callahan
Kung Fu

Experience the Art, Exercise & Self Defense of the Martial Arts
Accelerated Program: We welcome students who have prior experience in the martial arts who are interested in expanding their knowledge with Shotokan Karate or Chi-Lin Kung Fu. We will work with you at an individualized pace, respecting your prior achievements.  Kung Fu is an especially great next step for black belts looking to continue their training.
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